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Chiropractor Germantown WI Ben MahalkoAt Mahalko Family Chiropractic, our goal is to get you feeling better quickly. We help many people with neck pain and back pain in both new injuries and long term pain that has gone unresolved. We effectively treat joint injuries such as shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, and many other conditions. We see many children suffering with conditions such as torticollis, chronic ear infections, and more. With a team of highly trained and experienced doctors, it is likely that we can offer you an effective plan of treatment. If we do not feel that your condition can be resolved through chiropractic care, we will refer you to other appropriate health care providers as necessary, depending upon your condition.

No one person is the same and no one condition is the same, so we want to first learn what you are experiencing, perform a thorough exam, present you with our findings, answer your questions, and hear any concerns you may have before you begin care. Upon hearing our opinion, if you choose to undergo treatment in our office, we will do our best for you each and every visit. If you choose not to undergo care after an exam and hearing our opinion, you will not be pressured to do so and you will not be charged for the visit.

We are proud to have a strong reputation in the Germantown, Menomonee Falls, and the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Our patients and our reputation matter to us and we hope we can be of service to you. We look forward to serving you soon. Contact us to get started!


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